North Coast Kayak Adventures

Day trips EVERY DAY. ANY DAY! Even solo paddlers.

Special discount for early risers for the remainder of the summer. Cooler mornings, calmer water ...a great way to spend a day! Half days possible for small groups.


Official holders of a BC Parks permit. A thank you to the First Nations representatives and to BC Parks for thier work in reviewing our application.

Our permits include:

  • Foch Lagoon and the Gilfttoyees Conservancy
  • Loretta Provincial Park
  • Weewanie Provincial Park Hot Springs
  • Bishop Bay and Monkey Beach Conservancy (inc. hot springs)

Gilttoyees Inlet - May 4th to May 26th

Foch Lagoon - June 1st to 23rd

As part of the Foch-Gilttoyees BC Parks Conservancy, this inlet provides kayakers of all skill levels a variety of opportunities. Highly valued for its well-developed inter-tidal flats, salt-water marshes and meadow communities, the Gilttoyees and neighboring Miskatla Inlet provide ample opportunity for wildlife viewing both in the water and on the shore. Amazing waterfalls and unique rock formations make this a destination not to be missed! 

Eagle Bay - July and August

With so much area to explore you will want to go more than once!

For the beginner… this semi protected bay area makes for great paddling while you are still honing your skills. For the more advanced paddler, Amos Passage awaits as you decide to head into the Kildala Arm or further down the channel to Hopkins Point and beyond. Eagle Bay is the perfect departure location to explore further down the channel for adventure paddlers looking for multi-day excursions.

Paddle ANY day, every day for the remainder of the summer! Contact us for info.