North Coast Kayak Adventures


what to expect on a kayaking day trip

Wear... comfortable, loose clothing. Dress in layers with an outer shell for the morning. If spring...wear a warm hat and slightly heavier layers.
Bring... spare set of clothing, sun screen, lip balm and if preferred your travel mug for coffee, your water bottle and lunch.
Shoes... a pair of shoes that can get wet preferably with a back strap if wearing sandals. Flipflop's not acceptable as you may easily injure yourself getting out on shore due to rocks, barnacles etc.

At the marina...

  • meet at MK Bay Marina located just before Kitimaat Village at 7:45...please be punctual so others are not waiting for you!
  • pay for your parking in marina shop ($5.00 +tx)
  • board Screamin’ Reels charter vessel at public boat dock near shop

On board the charter vessel...

  • safety briefing for charter vessel (Transport Canada required)

  • hot coffee, morning snack and fruit is served and charter departs
  • approx. 1 hour from marina to destination

At our destination...

  • safety briefing on kayak equipment
  • boarding the kayaks
  • radio check to ensure your safety
  • paddle at your leisure! Returning at predetermined time

Returning to Kitimat...

  • kayaks are loaded and secured while you enjoy some fresh fruit and a cold drink (alcoholic beverages are permitted on board)
  • return to Kitimat at approx. 5 p.m.
  • payment for trip is made on-board on approach to marina using debit, credit or cash.